Do you dream of living in a house that fits your idea of style, comfort and beauty, down to the last detail?

Your dream can be realised with «Luxury Development And Construction Group». We will create a unique home, exclusively tailored to your needs and wishes, right from the initial design, to its implementation. You can also request luxury interior finishing works and exclusive repairs.

Our customers do not always see a clear difference between complete and exclusive repairs. Many believe that the only difference is the price per square meter and the use of expensive materials. In reality, however, this is not the case.

Complete repair works include a total and thorough renovation of the premises, including: 
· Replacement of water pipes, 
· Replacement of electrical wiring, 
· Removal and replacement of all finishing materials (floor and ceiling coverings, wallpaper and much more.) 
· Replacement of windows and doorways. 

It is possible and recommended to carry out complete and thorough repairs, after which your home will not require any additional restoration for a long period of time. When carrying out major repairs, the newest, high-quality and expensive materials can be used, but there will be nothing elite and exclusive about them.

What difference would elite and exclusive repairs make to your home? Such repairs do not only include the latest technologies, the use of modern materials and highly skilled craftsmen, but the final result will also be in complete compliance with:
· Individual tastes of the customer, 
· His perceptions of comfort, 
· The latest fashion trends, 
· The latest developments in the construction and repair industry.

When decorating mansions, cottages or large luxury apartments, it is important to stick to a single style, but at the same time, it is vital to consider the purpose of the premises, particularly the layout and lighting, as well as preferences and individual qualities of the future owner.

The creation of a pre-agreed design of the project, following a close liaison with the customer, allows us to take into account all their wishes and needs. The implementation of the necessary requirements of elite repairs is only possible in partnership with the client. «Luxury Development & Construction» is proud to have talented designers, who will take into account the location of incoming light, bearing walls and communication networks. For each of the rooms, they will offer a range of stylistic options, will help you choose the colour scheme, to organise the lights and make a preliminary plan of furniture arrangement. At this design stage, you can develop an accurate idea of the way your home will look following repairs, and you will be able to, if necessary, make any adjustments to the plan.

Stages of elite repairs:
· Drawing up of a detailed plan of the house (the location of wires, ventilation networks, etc.) 
· Consideration of options for redevelopment, if it is necessary in order to increase the comfort of the building, 
· Specification of style direction for the entire property as a whole and each room individually, 
· Repair work in accordance with the individual design approved by the customer.

Advantages of «Luxury Development And Construction Group»:
· The use of the most advanced repair and construction technologies, 
· The use of innovative and reliable supplies and finishing materials, 
· Experienced and highly skilled craftsmen, 
· Construction and repair work of all types and in the shortest possible time, 
· Embodiment of all, without exception, customer's wishes in the design and the subsequent repairs. 

By creating unique and luxuriously comfortable spaces, we transform houses into homes!



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