Ownership of real estate is not an easy venture when the development of modern technology moves at such a dizzying pace.

Consumer demands are growing steadily and as a consequence, a question for the landlords arises - how justified is the cost of major repairs or the entire reconstruction of the building?

Quite often, it is far more advantageous to agree to the construction of a new home, rather than renovating a morally and physically outdated building.

New construction is one of the most progressive services of our company.

The project can either be developed from scratch, or work can be carried out in conjunction with the completed parts of the building. This applies to cases where the new building could be constructed on an existing foundation, at the request of the owner. The undoubted advantage of the use of certain parts of old buildings is not only a reduction in the cost estimates, but also the shrinkage factor. Using an old foundation completely eliminates the consequences of shrinkage taking place, as often witnessed in cases of constructions with a brand new foundation.

What does a property owner receive upon contacting us about a new construction?

  • The designs, taking into account the purpose of the construction.
  • Related documents.
  • Site preparation, demolition of the existing structure.
  • Construction of a new foundation, with numerous multi-level cellars taken into account, the preparation of an existing foundation.
  • Construction of the building shell.
  • Design and construction of the communication system.
  • Roofing.
  • Interior and exterior decoration, the development of interior design, both in full accordance with your preferences.
  • Manufacture and installation of furniture.
  • Interior design.

The construction of new buildings: all projects fully correspond with the current building requirements and are distinctly adapted to your needs.

Each project undertaken by «Luxury Development And Construction Group», is the fruit of the work of a team of high-class specialists: even our labourers are often qualified to a higher level than other construction craftsmen working in the country.




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