Luxury Development And Construction Group offers its clients the opportunity to invest in real estate in London on an individual basis, without the involvement of co-investors.

As such, the customer has all the rights and decision-making privileges in terms of the choice of the property, the transaction price, the timing, and the final sale price of the property.

Individual investments involve the acquisition of investment properties with the exclusive rights of the investor. Property selection is performed on an individual basis, based on our client's expectations and interests, in order to attain an exclusive profit on the property.

Luxury Development And Constructions Group carries out individual investments in London's real estate with the following scheme:

- Selection of the property  based on the expected return, risk level and the term of the investment. The client, with the advice of the company's specialists, chooses commercial or residential property in London or its suburbs; and other details such as property type, the locality, the tenants and the size of the property are also discussed;

- Legal registration – the registration of the property to a natural or legal person. Mandatory registration of the owner of the property with the Land Registry;

- Specification of the term of the investment period – only the investor makes the decision to sell the property and the term of a personal investment is not limited.

Advantages of individual investments with Luxury Development And Construction Group: 

- A full representation of the investor's interests in London, including the tracking of purchase/sale of properties; 

- Excellent knowledge of the characteristics of the real estate market in England, significant experience in the field and a range of contacts with the leading developers and agencies of Great Britain; 

- Full control of the property, including, if necessary, tenant search, verification of tenant reliability, formalisation of the lease, collection of rent; 

- Resolution of related issues and questions (mortgages, independent evaluation and examination of the technical condition of the property, accounting, monitoring compliance with corporate and financial regulations); 

- Tax planning, tax optimisation upon investment in real estate in London; 

- Preparation of the annual consolidated financial statements for the investor; 

- Pre-acquisition marketing and sale of investment properties.


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