London's commercial real estate market is the centre of attraction of capital from all around the world.

 The purchase of non-residential property in the financial and business centre of the UK, can provide stable and profitable returns in the medium and long terms, as confirmed by the financial statistics for the last decade. Investing in commercial real estate in London is a lucrative and dependable venture, but a higher financial return depends on several criteria:

- The location of the property; 

- The prospects of business development; 

- The type of business – offices, shopping centres and shops, tourist hotels, restaurants, stores, etc.; 

- The quality of construction; 

- Financial reliability of the tenant; 

- Terms of the lease. 

The many benefits of investing in commercial real estate in London stem from the following factors: 

- Profitability - a long-term lease contract for 5-25 years, which provides for the possibility of periodic indexation of rental rates in line with inflation, will bring a steady income; 

- Rising prices - commercial real estate market in London shows a steady increase in the value of property (especially trade property); 

- Property Management - standard contracts provide for the imposition of current rental costs on the tenant (the management company), as well as repairs at departure, so investors are not personally involved in the current administrative and commercial management of the property; 

- Lending - acquisition of commercial real estate is possible with a long-term loan at a British bank (up to 70% of the cost), also available for non-residents; 

- Taxation - taxable income from the rental can be reduced by referring to the cost of the depreciation of the building. There is no tax on capital gains of real estate.

Buying commercial real estate in London is a valuable asset, which constantly generates income with promising growth in the value and liquidity. Investment property should be chosen in accordance with the investment objectives and priorities of the investor, and we offer services which cater to the individual needs of our clients. 

Our aim is to create a diverse and dependable investment portfolio which will ensure a stable rental income for our clients. We also prioritise risk diversification and potential future property development, as well as the value and reliability of the investments.



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